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Jessa E Photographs

Tell us a little bit about your photography - where are you based and what type of photography do you currently enjoy?
Hey! I am an adventurous wedding photographer based out Utah ( the best place in the world!)


In only a couple of words, how would you describe your style of photography?
Electric, Glowy, Colorful, and True tone.
Tell us about one of your most memorable photoshoots or perhaps a favourite photo you have taken?
I remember the first time I went to a shoot and felt that I was really in my element. It was during an engagement session that took place in this beautiful lavender field in Utah. I can still smell the lavenders now. The photos we took that day are still some of my favorites I ever took. My creative juices were flowing and the couple was rad. I think this shoot was a huge turning point in my career where I started to feel more confident posing and trying new things. That night has had a big influence on where I am now.
As a photographer, nurturing your creativity while trying to balance self employment and life can be a little tricky sometimes. Where do you find the inspiration to continue creating and maintaining consistency?
Setting boundaries for yourself in your work life is so important! Some things I do to set boundaries are not staying up late working, not working from bed, giving myself designated breaks, and taking every Sunday off to relax and reset.
Having grown as a photographer, is there any piece of advice that you could give to yourself when you first started down this path, or wish you had known sooner?
There are a lot of things I wish I knew! I am self taught so I have gone through a lot of trial and error. Something I have learned along the way is that money is expendable, time is not. Investing in yourself and your business is so important and will end up saving you so much time!
Is there anything special you have been working on - mentoring, workshops, courses etc. We'd love to let other photographers know!
I hosted my first workshop last year in Park City, Utah! It is called "Golden Hour Workshop" Follow along with us on Instagram. We are hoping to host another one in the future when able. I am always offering 1-1 mentor sessions as well as 2 hour virtual mentor sessions. You can inquire for a mentor session through my website.
What gear are you currently using and what would you typically carry in your Kamrette camera bag?

I love my Lyra Kamrette bag! So much that I think I might buy one of the hand bags soon to carry some extra stuff like lighting equipment. Right now I fit two Canon 5D Mark IV 's, a Canon 35mm 1.4LII, Canon 24-70mm 2.8 LII, a Canon 85mm 1.4 L , two speed-lights, SD Cards, and batteries. There is plenty of room to also add my laptop, a notebook, and external hard drive if needed. I love it and highly recommend!

Let's finish it off with a fan favourite - if you could only have one lens, which one would you choose?

I love my Canon 35mm 1.4! I have shot entire weddings with in in my early days. It is so crisp and creates beautiful images.


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