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Shelby Rae Photographs

Tell us a little bit about your photography - where are you based and what type of photography do you currently enjoy?
I am based out of Atlanta, GA. Three years ago I moved from Wisconsin to chase my dreams in the big city! I am a wedding, fashion, lifestyle and (doodle) photographer! hehe. I love photographing everything!
In only a couple of words, how would you describe your style of photography? 
My style is warm, authentic and raw. I love capturing emotion. 
Tell us about one of your most memorable photoshoots or perhaps a favourite photo you have taken? 
My doodle shoot(s)! I have a goldendoodle and a group of us 7 girls get together each month and create fun content. Check out the blog post (it has gone pretty viral which is SO much fun and exciting!!) 
From our experience, creativity can be like rollercoaster. Where you find the inspiration to continue creating?
I find inspiration when I am exploring & taking time for myself. This can be as simple as going on a walk with my doodle!!
Having grown as a photographer, is there any piece of advice that you could give to yourself when you first started down this path, or wish you had known sooner?
Staying in your lane and not comparing yourselves to other. I know it is really hard, especially with social media. It isn't about the number of followers you have or the likes you get on a photo. It is all about how you make your clients feel at a session. When I stopped trying to be like photographers I admired, I truly started getting my own style and more of my passion came out in my images.  
What gear are you currently using and what would you typically carry in the Kamrette camera bag?
Nikon D600 | Nikon D610 | 35mm 1.4 | 50mm 1.4 | 85mm 1.8 | 105mm 2.8 | 24-70mm 2.8 | 70-200mm 2.8
Let's finish it off with a favourite question - if you could only have one lens, which one would you choose?
Nikon 35mm 1.4 


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