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Stefanie Buma Weddings


Tell us a little bit about your photography - where are you based and what type of photography do you currently enjoy?
I'm based in Perth, Western Australia. Currently most of my work revolves around weddings, elopements, and editorial photography.
In only a couple of words, how would you describe your style of photography?
My work is very timeless and romantic style reportage, with an elegant touch and cinematic flair. 
Tell us about one of your most memorable photoshoots or perhaps a favourite photo you have taken?
Perhaps I am just longing for Europe now that travel there isn't possible, but a wedding I shot in Germany a couple of years ago will forever be one of my favourite. It was an all-day wedding at this beautiful manor house in rural Germany, where the guests lounged under giant oak trees and played bingo and sang and danced. The couple were smitten with each other and it was hands down one of the most stunning days I've ever witnessed.
As a photographer, nurturing your creativity while trying to balance self employment and life can be a little tricky sometimes. Where do you find the inspiration to continue creating and maintaining consistency?
The wedding industry can feel all-consuming a lot of the time, and is very easy to feel lost inside the never-ending cycle of wedding, edit, wedding, edit - on repeat. But as a creative I have so many different styles and passions I love to explore. I find it important to actually use the flexibility that self-employment allows to create all the other things I love. I also work in the film industry and find it such a refreshing creative flex when I get to work on film sets, that I come back with fresh perspectives, having broken out of the wedding bubble for a little while. We aren't machines, we need to eat and sleep and create in order to thrive.
Having grown as a photographer, is there any piece of advice that you could give to yourself when you first started down this path, or wish you had known sooner?
Patience is really not my forte, and i know younger me wouldn't have listened, but I wish I could have realised earlier that it's ok not to be the best and that good things take time. Hard work is important, but enjoying life and its journey is more important. 
What gear are you currently using and what would you typically carry in your Kamrette camera bag?
I use the Kamrette Lyra backpack as well as the single strap for my personal travels. The Lyra has been absolutely phenomenal, I can't believe how much stuff it fits in there! I typically carry Canon mirrorless bodies, 4 lenses, two flashes, and my small 35mm film camera in there. Despite being so full it still feels comfortable and receives all the compliments (which is very super important).
Let's finish it off with a fan favourite - if you could only have one lens, which one would you choose?
Waiting for Canon to release their RF 35mm f/1.2 lens. That will be my favourite.


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