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The Hardins Photography

Tell us a little bit about your photography - where are you based and what type of photography do you currently enjoy?
We are a destination wedding/elopement photographer and videographer based in Arizona!
In only a couple of words, how would you describe your style of photography?
Timeless, non-traditional, warm, fun and ALIVE
Tell us about one of your most memorable photoshoots or perhaps a favourite photo you have taken?

AH there are so many! It would probably have to be an elopement we booked in the Grand Tetons. The couple literally booked us 3 DAYS before we were supposed to fly out.. We booked out flights, and were off a few days later. CRAZY! But it was a dream. The most beautiful place we have ever been, and the sweetest couple. 

As a photographer, nurturing your creativity while trying to balance self employment and life can be a little tricky sometimes. Where do you find the inspiration to continue creating and maintaining consistency?

Master the work-play balance. Too much work can lead to burnout and too much play can lead to ineffectiveness. We have found that we NEED blocks of time where we don't even think about work. Our creativity desperately needs air to breath! We get inspired by our date nights, our little adventures, etc. Sitting at our desk isn't exactly inspiring, so that's not what we go to for inspo, but it is necessary to execute our ideas in the end!

Having grown as a photographer, is there any piece of advice that you could give to yourself when you first started down this path, or wish you had known sooner?
Get legal ASAP. Hire an accountant or CPA before you even make $1! Another one would be just to show your face, and be yourself. You want people to fall in love with you, before they fall in love with your work. That's how you create a sustainable brand.
Is there anything special you have been working on - mentoring, workshops, courses etc. We'd love to let other photographers know!
Yes! We just released our presets and wedding/pricing guide templates! We also reconstructed our mentor sessions, and they are....WELL...UNREAL. Not to toot our own horn, but we freaking love love love our students and watching them literally soar.
What gear are you currently using and what would you typically carry in your Kamrette camera bag?
We use Canon! On a wedding day, in my backpack - I actually have 2 of the Lyra backpacks, they're just too great!!! - I carry my two Canon 5D Mark IV's, my Canon 35mm, 50mm, 70-200mm, and 24-70mm lenses, my lens wipes, memory cards, 2 flashes, ring boxes, a little wedding day emergency kit, snacks...the list goes on and on :) I also always have a little bluetooth speaker clipped on the bag for jammin out during bridals.
Let's finish it off with a fan favourite - if you could only have one lens, which one would you choose?

Definitely my Canon 50mm 1.2!


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